FLX380 FlexTester Micro OTDR

FLX380 FlexTester Micro OTDR

The AFL  Test & Inspection FLX380 FlexTester is the world's smallest, lightest, most complete single-mode fiber optic test set. It combines high-performance, PON-optimized, multi-wavelength OTDR/PON OTDR, OLS, OPM, VFL and PON Power Meter in a rugged, hand-held package.

The FLX380 FlexTester offers an unmatched combination of optical test functions, ease-of-use, portability and value, including:
  • 41 dB dynamic range
  • best-in-class event, attenuation, and PON dead zones
  • AFL's unique ServiceSafe™ Live PON OTDR
  • Fast, error-free loss-testing using Wave ID synchronization.
  • Over 12 hours continuous testing without battery replacement or recharge
  • Integrated 50 m launch fiber
FS2000 Flexscan OTDR

FS2000 Flexscan OTDR

FlexScan OTDRs enable both novice and expert technicians to quickly and reliably troubleshoot optical networks or fully characterize newly installed or repaired networks. Using FlexScan's innovative SmartAuto mode, multiple OTDR scans quickly and accurately detect, locate, identify and measure network components and faults. After applying industry-standard or user-set pass/fail criteria, the characterized network is displayed using FlexScan's intuitive, icon-based LinkMap view.

FlexScan automates test setup, shortens test time and simplifies results interpretation, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of test. Acquired results may be stored internally or externally. Internally stored results are easily accessed via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

With optional connector inspection, integrated source, power meter and VFL, FlexScan offers an all-in one solution, ensuring technicians have everything they need to locate and resolve optical network issues.

Designed for field use, FlexScan is robust, rugged, lightweight, powerful and flexible. 
M210e Quad OTDR

M210e Quad OTDR

  • Industry leading TruEvent™ analysis
  • Short dead zones provide precise testing of closely
  • spaced events
  • 34 dB dynamic range single-mode
  • Crisp bright display for indoor/outdoor viewing
  • Integrated Power Meter and VFL (visual fault locator)
  • Inspection ready with DFS1 Digital FiberScope
  • 16 hours battery life
  • Rugged, lightweight (<1 kg)
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Enterprise network
  • Campus and military fiber networks and more 
M310 Enterprise OTDR

M310 Enterprise OTDR

M310 Multifunction OTDR Features and Benefits:
  • Industry leading dead zones  to help validate and troubleshoot typical Data Center and Enterprise networks comprised of multiple connections and short jumpers.
  • Event Dead Zones 0.8m
  • Attenuation Dead-zones < 3 m
  • Enhanced Mode Fill (EMF) - Enables users to get more accurate loss results, comparable to measurements made with expensive external mode conditioners without sacrificing dynamic range or adding another box to manage during testing
  • Built in Optical Power Meter  - Test and store both Tier 1 and Tier 2 results in one tester
  • Built in Visual Fault Locator (VFL) - enables technicians to quickly identify fiber faults within OTDR dead zone and verify polarity
  • Front End and First Connector checks - verify launch quality to help users obtain better OTDR trace results
  • Live Fibre Detection and Indication -  direct users to validate they are on the correct fiber or turn off the source so they can obtain an OTDR trace
  • Dynamic Range  suited testing fibers beyond the Data Center
  • 38 dB Single-mode
  • 30 dB Multimode
  • Inspection ready  - the M310 supports the DFS Digital FiberScope for inspecting the finish and cleanliness of connector end-faces, which is a leading cause of network failures 
  • Fast Real Time OTDR  mode for use in troubleshooting or splicing applications
  • Field proven, compact, rugged product packaging is designed for both outside plant use and cramped inside plant environments.
M710 Multifunction OTDR

M710 Multifunction OTDR

M710 Compact SM and MM OTDRs

The AFL M710 OTDR from AFL combines ease of use (Touch and Test™) and functionality in a field-rugged, hand-held package. With single-mode dynamic ranges up to 40 dB and multimode dynamic ranges of 26 dB, the M710 OTDR is ideal for testing and troubleshooting LAN/WAN, metro, FTTx and long haul networks. Industry leading dead zones of less than 1.0 m enhance users' ability to locate and measure events. Testing at 1310 and 1550 nm is normally sufficient to certify point-to-point or FTTx PON fibers and allows the detection of macrobends.

The M710 supports Full Auto, Expert (manual) and Real-Time OTDR test modes, precision event analysis, multi-wavelength testing, and visual inspection per 61300-3-35 using the DFS1 Digital FiberScope allowing users the ability to view and document connector end-face images with their OTDR traces. Pass/Fail acceptance to TIA/ISO values or user-defined values can be set to alert the test operator of failing or marginal events. These capabilities simplify the user experience, reduce training time and testing errors enabling even novices to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Thousands of OTDR test results may be saved as standard .SOR files and stored internally or on the supplied USB drive. Test results are transferable via a USB cable or USB drive to a computer for viewing, printing, and analyzing with the supplied Windows® compatible software, Test Results Manager (TRM™). Saved OPM loss values for a cable in one or two directions can be displayed in a table on the M710 for evaluation and comparison. Acceptance reports generated using TRM can include Loss tables, OTDR traces with summary and event information with or without pass/fail indication and Channel Maps.

With a full set of testing tools including OTDR, OPM, VFL and end-face inspection capability the M710 is a complete solution for fiber network owners and installers.

The M700 comes complete with TRM™ Certification Reporting Software for comprehensive reports compliant to TIA/ISO guidelines.

More Features
  • Integrated OPM and VFL (650 nm)
  • Full Auto, Expert, and Real-Time OTDR test modes
  • Pass/Fail Event and Link Thresholds settings
  • 6.5-inch transflective (indoor/outdoor) touch screen display
  • Tool-free, switchable test port adapters
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (>8 hours) or AC power
  • USB host and function ports for data storage and transfer
  • Bellcore (GR-196) .SOR file format
  • Internal (1000s test results) and USB storage
  • Windows® compatible software