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As a specialist supplier of fibre optic instruments, components and consumables to the telecom, datacom, aerospace and sensor markets:
  • You get help specifying solutions using our personal knowledge, on line technical information, Options Forms and Buyers Guides.
  • By keeping our overheads down and carefully selecting our Suppliers, you get the most competitive pricing.
  • Your solutions rely on our products and we ensure you get the right standards of technical and product quality.
  • The environment is important to us all and our Environmental Policy ensures we minimise our impact and encourage others to minimise theirs.
  • Partly to reduce cost and waste but mostly to deal with your enquiries efficiently and professionally, we use in-house developed software and database systems.

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Bench top instruments Optical Network Systems Active Optical Devices Passive Optical Devices

Benchtop, Portable, Power/Pulse Diodes, Splicing & Polishing

Network Systems

10G, Metro, Access, Enterprise & Industrial Solutions

Active Devices

Transceivers, Modules, Switches, EDFAs & LCDs

Passive Devices

Connectors, Sensor, Coatings, Module, Filter & Fused Parts

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M700 OTDR EFS-150 Fusion Splicer FiBO 250 Connector Interferometer Seikoh Giken Mega-Axis Polishing Holders
M700 Compact Single Mode OTDR EFS-150 Fusion SPlicer FiBO 250 Connector Tester Mega-Axis Polishing Holders
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