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Fibre Video Connector Inspector Buyers Guide

Standard and Optional Parts

    LCD version USB version Handset version
Description Part Number CI-1000-A2 CI-1000-B CI-1000-C
Handset (without tips) CI-1000-HS standard standard standard
Carrying case CI-1000-CASE standard standard standard
LCD monitor unit (without battery) CI-1000-MS standard    
Battery pack CI-1000-BAT standard    
Battery charger & power adapter CI-1000-CHA standard    
USB video capture device and software CI-1000-USB   standard  
RCA adaptor cable for video output CI-1000-CAB/RCA     standard
Colour display CI-1000-COLOR      

Adaptors and Tips

All adaptor part numbers are prefixed with CI-1000-

A table of adaptors and tips with photographs is available here.

Sex Male Female
Ferrule Large1 Small1 Large1 Small1 Large1 Small1 Large1 Small1
FC U2.5/PC/M   U2.5/APC/M   SC/FC/F23 + FC/G SC/FC/F23 + FC/G FS/APC/F + FC/APC/F  
SC U2.5/PC/M   U2.5/APC/M   SC/FC/F23 + SC/G SC/FC/F23 + SC/G FS/APC/F + SC/APC/F  
ST U2.5/PC/M       ST/F23 ST/F23    
E2000 U2.5/PC/M   U2.5/APC/M   E2K/F23      
DMI U2.5/PC/M   U2.5/APC/M          
LC   U1.25/PC/M   U1.25/APC/M   LC/F23 LC/APC/F  
MU   U1.25/PC/M   U1.25/APC/M   MU/F23    
Termini TM/M2.0 TM/M1.6     TM/F2.0 TM/F1.6    
LEMO TM/M2.0 TM/M1.6     LEMO/F2.0      
MTP (bulkhead)         MTP/F-2      
MTRJ (bulkhead)         MT-RJ/F      

1) Large = 2.5mm (2.0mm for termini); Small = 1.25mm (1.6mm for termini)
2) Also available as slim straight tip (suffix - S)
3) Also available as slim 90 angled tip (suffix - A)


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