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Polisher machine

(holders, pads and film can be available for a discontinued machine)

SFP-550S (≤40 axis, touch screen) OFL-15A (≤16 axis)
SFP-550E (machine discontinued) OFL-12 (machine discontinued)
SFP-550/SFP-120A (≤40 axis) OFL-12A (machine discontinued)
SFP-520 (machine discontinued) OFL-11 (machine discontinued)
SFP-510 (machine discontinued)  
SFP-100D (machine discontinued) SFP-Lite - 'Repair Mate' (1 axis)
SFP-70 (machine discontinued)  
SFP-70D (machine discontinued)  
SFP-70D2 (≤2 axis) Other:
Connector types
FC (2mm key) FC (2.14mm key) SC ST (PC only)
MU LC 1.25mm Ferrule 2.5mm Ferrule
MT Lemo D4 DIN
E2000 (R&M) E2000 (H&S) MIL-T-29504 MIL-T-29505
MTRJ F (DX) SMA 905 Other:
Flat Predomed
Step (APC only) Conical (APC only)
Diameter 2.5mm (ferrule only) Diameter 1.25mm (ferrule only)
Flange key width 1.3mm (ferrule only) Flange key width 1.5mm (ferrule only)
PC (≥45dB) Angle PC 8 (≥60dB)
Ultra PC (≥50dB) Angle PC 9 (≥60dB)
Hyper PC (≥55dB) Other:
Product required
Polishing machine     Quantity:
Polishing holder     Quantity:
Polishing pad     Quantity:
Polishing film (adhesive removal)     Quantity:
Polishing film (grinding/shape forming)     Quantity:
Polishing film (polishing)     Quantity:
Polishing film (finishing)     Quantity:

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