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OFL-12/15 Family New Polishing Procedure


New Polishing Films

Higher performance replacements are now available to improve polish quality, reduce polish time and increase service life.
Old film Description New film
KJW100230G Diamond, 9Ám, light red colour KJWZM05401G
Diamond, 1um, violet colour KJWZM05402G
KJW101500G SiO2, Clear, clear color KJW101520G

Recommended Polishing Procedure

Step Film Pad Fluid Time
Adhesive removal KJW100110G KJO100101G Distilled water or water 40 - jig weight 12
Grinding KJWZM05401G KLP101500G Distilled water or water 30 280 2200 35
Polishing KJWZM05402G KLP101510G Distilled water 60 240 2000 25
Finishing KJW101520G KLP101540G Distilled water 120 220 2000 3
Cleaning KJW101601G KLP101520G Distilled water 15 220 300 100

Polishing Performance Comparison


Polished End Face

After Grinding: KJWZM05401G
After Polishing: KJWZM05402G
After Finishing: KJW101520G

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