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Fibre Inspection Devices

Promet FiBO 250 Interferometric Fiber Optic Connector Tester

Promet FiBO 250 3D Fibre Optic Connector End Face View

FiBO 250 Fibre Inspection Interferometer

3D interferometric measurements of radius, fibre height, apex offset and roughness as well as full 2D defect analysis.

Fixed focal length magnifier and diffraction limited optical design deliver high contrast images, maximum system stability, and accurate readings.

Pre-aligned, kinematic adapters guarantee exact fibre positioning automatically. No tedious adjustments or calibration is necessary when changing between different connector types.

Extremely compact. Use as a portable device in the field or on the bench. No additional power supply or external interface board is required.

Advanced, yet easy-to-use FiBO Code™ software fully controls all hardware functions and saves resulting data in a flexible Access® database format that is easily imported into Excel®.

Fully compliant with measurement requirements set forth in international standards. Optional NIST traceability for 2D and 3D calibration targets.

Westover Economy Series Fibre Microscope

Economy Series Fibre Microscope

See buyers guide here

Westover Oblique Illumination Fibre Microscope

Oblique Illumination Fibre Microscope

See buyers guide here

Westover Coaxial Illumination Fibre Microscope

Coaxial Illumination Fibre Microscope

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Westover Dual Illumination Fibre Microscope

Dual Illumination Fibre Microscope

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Fujikura OFS 300 Optical Microscope

OFS 300 Optical Microscope

Rugged handheld design

200X, 400X, or 200-400X zoom

Universal adapter interface

Laser safety filter installed*

Tripod mount

Fujikura VFS 2 Video Fibre Scope

VFS 2 Video Fibre Scope

Unparalleled access to connectors and bulkhead adaptors

One-handed operation

Resolves ¾ micron scratches

Precision adaptor tips for easy centering

350-micron field of view (diagonal)

Smooth, precision focusing (left or right handed)

Advanced lithium ion battery

Fujikura VS 300 View Safe Video Microscope

VS 300 View Safe Video Microscope

The VS300 has no optical path to the user’s eye

The VS300 has NTSC video output

The VS300 has the familiar shape and control positions of the OFS 300 but is half the weight and has a moulded easy grip case with easy access battery compartment

Seikoh Giken Portable Video Inspector

Portable Video Inspector

The CI-1000 enables the user to inspect mounted connector end face from the other side of adapter. Portability of this scope is suitable for the use in optical cable installation site, testing labs and incoming inspection sites. The microscope can be connected to a portable monitor, PC through USB and stationary monitor. Easy to replace adapters allow the microscope to inspect a wide range of connector types.

 See adaptor buyers guide here

Seikoh Giken Koncentrik 4.0 Interferometric End Face Measurement

Koncentrik 4.0 Interferometric End Face Measurement

Koncentrik provides high resolution 2D & 3D surface profiles with the end geometry measuring apparatus using interference fringe. This system can measure the geometry of ferrule endface ferrule eccentricity and core eccentricity.

Seikoh Giken DAISI Interferometer

DAISI Interferometer

DAISI (Digital Automated Interferometer for Surface Inspection) achieves the high workability and repeatability with the features such as auto-focus function, auto-calibration function and auto connector fixing system. The use of a USB2.0 interface enables to use this system on lap-top PC.

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