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Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs)

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OFL-280 Handheld OTDR NEW!

The Fujikura Noyes OFL280 FlexTester offers an unmatched combination of fibre optic test functions, ease-of-use, portability, and value. All OFL280 FlexTester models include an integrated single-mode 1310/1550 nm OTDR with PON-optimized and standard test modes, optical power meter, 1310/1550 nm laser source, and visual fault locator.

For many users the two-wavelength OFL280-100 will provide the best balance of functionality and value. Testing at 1310 and 1550 nm is normally sufficient to certify point-to-point or FTTx PON fibers and allows the detection of macro bends. The three-wavelength OFL280-101 and OFL280-102 models add 1625 nm or 1490 nm respectively. Testing at 1625 nm allows testing of the L band. Testing at 1490 nm is required by some network operators to certify FTTx PONs. The filtered, three-wavelength OFL280-103 can certify dark fibers at 1310/1550 nm, fault-locate live FTTx fibers at 1625 nm, and measure FTTx power levels at 1490 and 1550 nm, all from a single test port.

The OFL280 FlexTester user interface provides operating modes suitable for a wide range of users and features a top-down menu structure that is both easy to learn and a pleasure to use.

OTDR test results may be saved as industry standard SOR files, which can be transferred to a PC for viewing, printing, and analysis using supplied Windows® compatible software.

Ideal 33-960 Series Micro OTDR

33-960 Series Micro OTDRs NEW!

Designed with installers in mind, 33-960 Series Micro OTDRs offer excellent performance and ease of use in a truly handheld, lightweight and rugged package. Available as either an 850/1300 nm (multi-mode) or 850/1300/1310/1550 nm (multi-mode and single mode) OTDR, they are ideally suited for the installation and troubleshooting of LAN, campus and WAN fibre networks. Both models combine high measurement precision with the user friendliness of one-button operation resulting in accurate characterisation of connectors and splices in addition to fast and reliable fault location.

With the 33-962-5 option, these OTDRs provide clear PASS/FAIL indications. Distance, loss and ORL for each event is reported in a trace summary table making full certification of the link possible. Each OTDR is shipped in a kit containing everything you need to get started on the job, including a ruggedised carry case, PC software, rechargeable batteries and wall charger.

C860 QUAD OTDR and Certification Test

The Noyes C860 QUAD Certification and OTDR Test Kit includes one handheld C840 QUAD OLTS Tester and one C850 QUAD OTDR/OLTS with built-in auto test functionality. With this kit, technicians can troubleshoot and perform both Tier 1 and Tier 2 certification tests of MM and SM fibre networks, store results and create professional test reports.

Noyes M700 Compact Single Mode OTDR

M700 Compact Single Mode OTDR NEW

The Noyes M700 is a compact, full featured, single-mode OTDR that includes an integrated Visual Fault Locator (VFL), an Optical Power Meter (OPM) displaying up to three wavelengths simultaneously, and a large transflective touch screen display suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation.

The M700 OTDR supports Real Time, Full-Auto, and Expert (manual) modes, precision event analysis, dual-wavelength testing, rich file naming, and an intuitive job set-up functionality. In addition to OTDR event analysis, pass/fail acceptance values, and marginal warning, specific values can be set to alert the test operator of failing or marginal events. Using one of the Least Squares Approximation (LSA) loss methods, events may be added or deleted manually.

Thousands of OTDR and OPM test results can be stored internally or on the supplied USB drive, and are transferable via a USB cable or drive to a computer for viewing, printing and analyzing with supplied Windows® compatible software. Saved OPM loss values for a cable in one or two directions can be displayed in a table on the M700 for evaluation and comparison.

With short dead zones, a dynamic range of 38 dB, and greater than 8-hour battery life during continuous testing, the M700 is perfect for testing optical fibres in service provider metro areas.

Fujikura M200 Single & Multi Mode OTDR

M200 Single & Multi Mode OTDR

The M200 offers unmatched OTDR capabilities in a handheld package weighing less than 1 kg (2 lb). Multimode, Single-mode, and ‘Quad’ wavelength models are offered. With short dead zone and intermediate range specifications, the M200 is ideal for Tier 2 testing of premises (building and campus) networks or certification and troubleshooting of FTTX PON networks. And its bright, transreflective display makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation.

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