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Fibre Termination Components

For termination instruments e.g. polishers click here

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FAST fibre optic connectors

Now includes LC connectors

FAST Series Connectors NEW!

"Field Assembly with Simple Technique"

Field installable high reliability connector

Requires no polishing

No cumbersome assembly tools

Fast and easy operation

Universal for 250 or 900um coated fibre

Fully compatible with standard SC/ST/LC connectors / adapters

¸ See the video presentation here

Splice on Connector NEW!

Splice-On-Connector enables field termination of optical patch cords and trunk cables with no epoxy or polishing required

Utilizes a high-grade, factory pre-polished zirconia ferrule and offers a compact body designed to fit existing patch panels

Meets all requirements of Telcordia GR-326-CORE Service Life Test

¸ See the video presentation here

fibre connectors
Optical Connector Parts & Patch Cords

See the Patch Cord Options Form here

Armoured fibre cable

Armoured fibre cable

Armoured Patch Cords and Cables

Withstands everyday vehicle and personnel traffic

Vermin proof

Increased moisture resistance

Resists over bending and remains flexible

Resists twisting and compression affecting attenuation

High tensile strength increases break point

Available in seamless stainless steel tube, underwater and multi-fibre (≤12) versions.

See the Armoured Cable Options Form here

Plug type optical attenuator
Passive Devices
Packaging Parts

For termination instruments e.g. polishers click here

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