• Benchtop, portable and handheld
  • OTDRs
  • Power/Pulse Diodes
  • Fusion splicing equipment
  • Fibre termination equipment
  • Connector care and inspection
  • Sensor analysers
  • Advanced laser diode systems
Active Devices

Active Devices

  • Optical transceivers, fibre amplifiers, tuneable filters, picosecond lasers
  • Variable optical attenuators (VOAs), MEMS devices, optical time delays, optical switches
Network Systems

Network Systems

  • 10G
  • Metro
  • Access
  • Enterprise
  • Industrial Solutions
Passive Devices

Passive Devices

  • Fibre to the premises (FTTP) products
  • Demodulators and interleavers
  • Standard and hybrid optical components
  • Optical filter devices, fused fibre devices
  • Optical power monitors, optical sensors, photodetectors
  • Fibre termination components
  • Optical fibre processing, optical coatings and special materials