Fibre Connector Care Tools

Repair Mate

Repair Mate

  • 1-axis polishing & portable (weight only 600g)
  • User-friendly one touch button operation
  • New rotation mechanism enables the removal of fiber endface scratches while maintaining ferrule endface geometry
  • Polishing holder equipped with IPC mechanism provides stable polishing result regardless of ferrule length.
  • Suitable for field use (AA battery operation)
  • Polishing holders for various connector types are available.
Handi Mate

Handi Mate

  • Handy and high performance cleaner that fits in your hand and can perform more then 500 cleaning cycles
  • Just one sliding motion removes contamination such as dust or oil on optical connector end-faces
  • Connectors are held on a guide holder enabling stable and even cleaning results
  • SHM-502 cleans duplex LC and MU connectors in addition to simplex SC, FC, ST, LC and MU connectors
  • SHM-503 additionally uses a synthetic cloth for greater durability
Ferrule Mate

Ferrule Mate

  • Handy and high performance cleaner that fits in your hand and cleaning cloth achieves more than 800 cleaning cycles for SFM2.0-250, SFM2.0-125 and 500 for SFM2.0-MPO
  • Unique mechanism for simultaneous feeding and rotating cleaning cloth which easily removes contamination from ferrule endface
  • Tapered tip is ideal for cleaning inside of adapter also, by using protection cap, single connector endface can be cleaned
Automatic Desktop Cleaner

Automatic Desktop Cleaner

  • FerrulePro™ is the world’s first fully automated desktop fiber connector cleaner for cable assembly production environments and laboratory
  • FerrulePro™ automates the cleaning of all types of terminated fiber products, a critical task where performance once depended largely on the production line worker’s skill.
Combined Cleaner Scope

Combined Cleaner Scope

  • One Step for “Scoping – Cleaning – Scoping”
  • 5 second cycle for “Scoping – Cleaning – Scoping”
  • One handed operation
  • Wide 5.6” TFT LCD Monitor
  • Deskills cleaning and inspection
  • Foldable Monitor and adjustable angle
  • Low Noise DC12V pump motor
  • Save data on PC by USB device
  • Adjustable brightness & contrast
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Anti-slip grip design