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Fibre Optic Instruments

Noyes C880 QUAD Certification Test Kit

Portable Fibre Optic Instruments

Multi-function optical test platform


Network link tester


Wavelength/power meter

Transceiver tester

Polarisation synthesiser

Noyes M700 Compact Single Mode OTDR



Handheld OTDRs

Seikoh Giken Optical Connector Video Inspector

Fibre Inspection Devices

Optical microscopes

Eye safe optical microscopes

Portable video inspector NEW


Seiko Giken SFP-550S Polishing Machine

Fibre Termination Equipment

Curing, polishing, cleaning and inspecting including:

Polishing machines

Polishing accessories

Polishing consumables

Fujikura FSM-60S Profile Alignment Fusion Splicer

Fibre Fusion Splicing Equipment

Cleaving, stripping and splicing including:

Splice Mate® (World's smallest automatic splicer)

Core and cladding alignment

Single and mutli-fibre splicing

Portable, field and production systems

Precision cleavers

Seikoh Giken Ferrule Mate Optical Connector Cleaner

Fibre Connector Care Tools

Fibre connector cleaning

Fibre connector repair

Fibre tool kits

Bench top instruments

Bench Top Fibre Optic Instruments

Tuneable high power laser

ASE broadband light source

High stability light sources

Ultra stable broadband light sources

Power meters

Optical Sensor Analysers

Optical Sensor Analysers

Multi-channel (~512)

Portable, field and benchtop

Data logging options


Advanced Laser Diode Systems picosecond laser

Advanced Laser Diode Systems

Picosecond diode lasers (1~100Mhz)

High power diode lasers (~50W)

Ultra-fast detectors (~35GHz)

Special optical head delivery systems

Photonic Interconnect Designer

Software for designing fibre optic cable harnesses

Design service is also available

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